The concept of Drugi Splot comes from the craft of regenerating and upcycling cashmere sweaters and from our dream of creating products in an ethically and socially responsible manner.

We are a local manufacturer, whose activities are based on fair trade principles. Drugi Splot products are made in a sustainable way for our planet and for the people we work with. They are made in a small sewing workshop in Lublin, Eastern Poland, supporting local seamstresses and providing them with fair working conditions.

What is cashmere and why is it so appreciated?

Cashmere, the queen among wools - is light and thin, wonderfully provides warm feeling, and it lasts for years. It's perfect for children - it's delicate and has hygroscopic properties. It comes from the fleece of Kashmiri goats that live in extreme weather conditions. It is thanks to them that cashmere obtains its unique properties.

Soft, warm and natural

Kashmir is one of the most delicate and precious fabrics in the world. Due to its amazing properties, it is the perfect material for a baby blanket.

- Cashmere wool heats 3 times better than sheep wool, so even a thin blanket is enough to keep the child warm.

- It has hygroscopic properties - it absorbs water vapor from the body and transports it outside.

- It is airy - cashmere breathes. This means that it will protect your little one from heat in summer and keep them warm in winter.

- It does not feel scratchy on the skin.

Upcycling & Zero Waste

We recycle useless clothing waste. As a result of this process, as well as following the zero waste principle, unique products, individual copies, are created. They not only have a higher value than the processed raw materials, but also a better value for the environment.

All our accessories, from labels to boxes and buttons, are made in an ecological manner. We pack in cardboard envelopes and boxes without unnecessary foil, adjusting the package size to the size of the product. We do it for the sake of our common home - Earth.

Responsible materials are the future of our planet.

We create from durable and sustainable knitted fabrics and fabrics. The materials we sew are recycled. We give them a new life while maintaining their highest quality. We create products in the spirit of zero waste, using every piece of material to the maximum.